Your 100% opensource Autopot, Autobuff, Skill Spammer, Macro and Switch for Ragnarok Online.
1. Autopot very customizable with Yggdrasil option
2. Automatic status recovery (Curse, Silence, Poison...)
Key Spammer
1. Key spammer with 2 options (Click and Non-Click)
2. Configure your spammer delay with or without mouse flick (moves cursor by 1px in diagonal when activated)
3. Configure any key to be pressed in specified seconds.
Macro Songs
1. Activation Key and Delay configuration. Also a button to reset current macro.
2. Up to 20 keys for configure how you want.
Autobuff for Stuffs and Skills
More than 60 items and buffs ready for use
Easy-to-add new buffs. Since our code is open, you can add extra-buffs and collaborate with us.
Smart and performatic detection algorithm
ATK x DEF Mode
1. Choose a key to spam and configure delay
2. Configure DEF Mode Switch
3. Configure ATK Mode Switch
When you start to spam, ATK Mode will be activated and your gears will be changed to ATK.
Stop spam and your gears will be changed to DEF.

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